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Sep. 24th, 2017 12:19 pm
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Play Nicely Now

So, yesterday was MCM Scotland. It was fun. Yeah, I know, not much of a write up but honestly, lately the conventions have felt a bit... less, somehow. Like I go to them and there's less to do or say or... And it's not that the guests aren't awesome; they are, I just... somehow don't really want to go and spend my money on an autograph lately. I still enjoy going, and meeting up with friends. I just feel a bit disillusioned, I guess.

Been feeling like that with a lot of stuff and I'm really not sure how to deal with it. Also really, really tired. Like nearly all the time.

... Yeah, I think I'll stop here for the now. Maybe go listen to some music. Sorry this was a bit boring.

5 Past 5 in the Morning as I Start...

Sep. 12th, 2017 05:06 am
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Crossover Buddies?

I woke up after 3 this morning, and I am unlikely to get back to sleep anytime soon as I broke into a minor panic attack. The correct medication has been taken but dear gods, I really wish this shit wouldn't happen. I mean, not much has happened lately. Well, apart from the Dad collapsing in the middle of Mass and having to be taken into A&E and he's home but we've still not got anything more than low blood pressure as a cause. The GP has referred him to a cardiologist, since he has had a heart attack before and she just wants to be on the safe side.

Don't think that had anything to do with me feeling all panicky this morning though. I do feel a bit tired now, not going to lie, and I may try to get a nap but I don't know how it will work or if it will work. I hope it does.

Force Friday has passed and there are so many new figures that I'd like to get. I've got a convention this month, however, so spending is a not happening thing until such times as it is over. With any luck, I'll find a couple of the ones I want at the conventions - I really want Jedi Master Luke and General Leia. Those are top of my list. There's meant to be a TLJ Forces of Destiny two-pack coming and... ngl I kind of hope it'll show up here. As it stands, for the Forces of Destiny stuff, any place near me has only really gotten Rey and Leia, though Jyn appears for order on some websites.

Yeah, for some reason we're only getting movie connected ones. The UK does not do well with getting all the merch, it's a thing.

Nothing else I can think of to say and my eyes are nipping as if to tell me to go sleep, so I'll go try and nap for another couple of hours.


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