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Friends Only

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Nenime fish
Nen-im-ee fish

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The guy from Green Day is eating a hat.

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He likes it really.

The guy from buzzcocks is eating a prompt card.

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Don't know if you mind that I added you? Read this later, stupid me. xD But I saw you liked Queen, WWRY, Green day, Kerry Ellis and stuff and I love all those things. xD

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Hallo :D I don't mind, I just like people to say cause other wise I don't notice ^^; Awesome! :D I love your icon, Kerry yay! I'll add you back if thats ok :D

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Hehe yeah I understand ^^
Thank you! Love it too, and love Kerry obv haha :D
& Ofcourse :)

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Yeah same, she's amazing :D

Ok, added :D

Happy Birthday!

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Just dropping by to wish you a happy 19th!

Re: Happy Birthday!

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Thank you :D

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Hey, hope you don't mind that I added you. I'm LorienLaure from DA :)

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Hey! Course not, I'll go add you back :D

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Heeeeey, it's Livelaughlove101 from DA... more commonly known as Katherine. :P

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Hiya! *waves and adds*

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Hei I am a big fan of Merlin as you and I saw you on Feilongfans's page. Could you add me as your friend since I have a big interest in what you have got last Thursday and Friday at Pierrefonds! Thank you!

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Hello! Sure :D

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Hi! Your Merlin doing magic art is so lovely! I had to pop over to your lj and check you out. Friends?

I will work on a drabble/ficlet for you for that gorgeous artwork you created!

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Thanks :D Yeah sure.

That'll be awesome, can't wait!